Unable to import GPX?


I just purchased trail pro, and I am unable to import trails.

I use iOS 14.4 on iPhone 12 Pro max.

I tried to import GPX by using air drop or iCloud files or URL.

On Airdrop or URL, I can select the trails app and got the green check but nothing get imported.
On iCloud files, I can’t even select the gpx file. I tried with gpx or GPX extension.

The gpx file: https://opentraveller.net/tmp/1612178422_92.150.210.189/OpenTraveller-Quicon_-2021-02-01_12h20.gpx

Thanks for your help

I have exactly the same issue. If I find a solution, I will post it here.

Same form me…


This app looks like abandoned. Advice others users on App Store.

Personnaly, I switched to WorkOutDoors and iSmoothRun