App keeps crashing

App keeps crashing when I want to import a GPX file on my iphone

Yes, same issue. Can Trails confirm they are working to solve the issue?

I am having the same problem. Just downloaded the app to import a GPX file. Paid the $4.99 for one year. I click on the “Import GPX file” and the app disappears. I am on an iPhone SE (current generation) Software version 13.5.1. Please fix this issue or refund my money.

I have the same issue. For me it’s clear the app is not really supported anymore. Which is a big shame, because when it works it works fine. Indeed it looks that this forum is not read anymore and the app isn’t properly tested anymore after the latest update.

I have the same problems as you guys, an app that immidiately crashes after clicking “import” GPS file. Do me and yourself a big favour mail a bug report to and post a review in App Store about this issue. Then potential buyers can make up there mind wether they want a subscription on a “dead” app.

My app even crashes 10 seconds after opening it. Anybody having this issues and knows how to solve it? And if not how can I get my data out of this crashing app (iphone). I at least want to save these.

I just send them an email. Do you happen to know if there is a way to get your tracked routes out of the app without opening the app (it crashes every time after about 10 sec)

I did sent this email on October 5th, I did not receive an answer:

From: Dxxx To:
Subject: Crashes Trails
Date: 5 October 2020 at 13:16:57 CEST
Hi Trails,
As of the latest update some weeks ago Trails immidiately crashes when clicking the import GPS file button.
There are several reports of this on the forum as well, because of tha fact that there is no response on this issue in the forum and people are wondering if the forum is monitored I report this bug via email.
I hope you can fix this bug soon as the app is now totally useless to me without the ability to import GPS files.
What surprises me (as a developer too) the most is that the app is obviously not tested at all after a patch.
Kind regards,
Dxx Mxxx

Today I filed a complaint here:

I am asking for a refund, the app is now totally useless for my purposes, besides it doesn’t do what I always wanted to do with the app, follow GPX hikes.

Do yourself a favour and ask for a refund too. I will let you know if I was refunded. It’s not the not even 6 euros that bothers me but especially the attitude of not responding but still collecting subscriptions.


If you don’t have a large collection of trails you want to keep a solution could be to uninstall Trails and reinstall.