App no longer available after update ios 16.3.1

app no longer available on appstore, please help

this is really sad. I’m guessing Apple pulled it for lack of updates, and maybe lack of response. Subscriptions won’t be able to be renewed, and the app won’t be able to be reinstalled post-reset or with a phone upgrade. By far, this app is the best value I’ve seen for outdoor activity tracking with a map.

Somehow I was just able to reinstall Trails on my upgraded iPhone with iOS 16.5.1, and it works. Earlier attempts had failed with the old “the developer will have to update this app” error.

I just created a new account on these forums too.

However I can’t renew my Pro account.

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It’s back on the store in the US. Maybe the company actually exists enough to protest, or keep it online for a bit. Fingers crossed this means an update is pending. Being back on the store doesn’t just happen without someone doing something. It’s a good sign.

It’s back in store in Australia as well. Also hope it means trails pro will be fixed soon. I have tried a large number of other apps and none is as good. Please please fix.

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