Welcome to Trails Support


This forum exists to help you make the most out of our app Trails.

The Trails app and the Trails.io service are side projects for us, the developer team. While we are eager to continually update and improve our software, we cannot provide personal support in all cases, as we wouldn’t have time for the actual development left.

If you have general questions regarding the functionality of the app, want to file a bug report, pitch a feature requests, or discuss topics related to Trails, this forum is the right place. We have provided answers to many frequently asked questions already and will regularly answer new questions. However, we invite you to answer other users’ questions if you think you can help out. Please always be polite and respectful.

Keep in mind that this forum is public. If you have a question or request that involves private data (billing issues, Trails.io accounts,…), feel free to write us directly via support@trails.io.