Accounts and Links


#1 is our own web service to share tracks.

While you can create accounts, the only thing that is really stored there is your Trails Pro purchase receipt/expiry date so you can transfer Trails Pro to another device, and we can help out in certain support cases. If you created a new account on your current device, the existing purchase receipt should also be uploaded to the new account automatically. The account is not associated in any way with your Apple account (“Apple ID”), which is used for purchases, and it is entirely optional to have a account at all.

We also link tracks that have been uploaded to for sharing (“weblinks”) to your account, if you have one. We’d like to point out that none of your other tracks (those that have not been shared as a weblink) are uploaded to your account – unless you share a track, it is only stored locally on your device. We are mentioning this because we’ve had disappointed users who thought works as a backup/sync tool. We highly recommend to make use of our builtin backup solution.