Offline Map loop

Downloading an offline Map results in an endless loop. What’s going wrong?

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I have the same! I can’t use OpenStreetMap anymore since two weeks. I can’t download a map and OpenStreetMap also doesn’t work during walking. I have paI’d for it and I have all settings correct. I hope someone has a solution.

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Both the offline and online maps seem broken. Previously this has been due to some expired certificates. I haven’t checked if it’s the same problem again but seems likely. I hope this can be resolved quickly!

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Unfortunately the problem is still not solved! I can’t use open source maps, not offline, not online. I have paid for trails pro, that’s not the problem. Please, developers, solve this problem! The app is fantastic but only when I can use open source maps. Thank you.

Same here, No Open Street Vector Maps, Have subscription.
When I change zoom in download, map shows for a second.
Please Developer repair your App!

Also for me the maps do not work any more.

Quite frustrating, as the problem started already at the beginning of the season.

Being a paying pro user since years and really liked the app a lit for it’s features and cloud-free approach.

Recommended to Family and Friends who also became paying subscriber.

I tried to reach out to Felix few times via email and phone, but he does not react.

It is a shame that he doesn’t even leave a note/info for subscriber here in the forum or on the trails web page.

I was really hoping that someone would continue the basic maintenance of the app…

Time to say goodbye and search for an alternative. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Any hint?