Vector map is not displaying any information

The vector map turned clean white. No features showing. It just disappeared today. Any idea what the problem is?

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Same problem since weeks. Hope they will fix it !!!

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Not great support for this app. It’s great when it works but seems no one home to maintain it. And I just renewed my subscription. What a shame.


Ook hier (nl) hetzelfde probleem. Ben erg benieuwd wanneer het gefixed wordt

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Vector maps stopped showing anything except for my track, in April 2022. A knock on consequence is that I cannot maintain or use offline maps. As vector maps was my default while on the trail, I have stopped using Trails altogether.

I have emailed Support today, as follows:-

Dear Support

I have seen that other users are suffering from the misfunctioning of Vector Maps. Vector Maps is the most useful feature of Trails.

A knock on consequence of Vector Maps misfunction is the user’s inability to choose, download and use Offline Maps. As many areas I walk or ride in are out of cell coverage, I am unable to navigate using Trails. I have therefore stopped using it since April 2022.

Vector Maps behaviour:

When Vector Maps is selected, the live track shows up on a completely blank, white background; almost all the layers of the map are missing except for the live track. Therefore the map is of no use.

I have noticed, on zooming out while vector maps is selected, that the ocean depths are shown as shaded bathymetric contours, and in addition, that some large lakes (e.g. US Great Lakes) are shown as blue areas, and that large conurbations (e.g. Jakarta) are shown as grey shaded areas. However, all other areas above mean sea level are white.

Inline image

This example of a vector map shows cities in Java, and the bathymetry of the deep waters south of Java.

I hope that your company will be able to sort out this problem, so that I and other Trails users can continue using the app.


Adrian Smith

I suspect this bug is connected to some UI layering element of the drawing canvas view. I can sometimes see part the map for a split second, like the screen update is happening in the wrong order, maybe caused by a support library in the OS changing its manner of screen updates, and only impacting some apps negatively because they either use those elements in a specific way, or were compiled with an older SDK. I still use this with raster maps (works fine), but would much prefer vector maps work again soon.

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