Can’t renew my Pro-Account…

I can’t renew my account ….
Anyone an idea?

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I have been trying for 6 months. Unsuccessful still.

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I’m just noticing that the App Store page for Trails doesn’t mention there’s any in-app purchases anymore, which was how it originally worked to subscribe to it. So without in-app purchases, getting a new subscription, or even restoring an existing one, might be impossible.

My question now is this: does it limit the number of tracks or any other features in the free mode? If so, the app feels like a weak placeholder for either a slow reduced-ability death or an eventual update and re-approval for purchases. If not, and it’s unlimited, it’s basically free and that’s the final nail in the coffin that it’s all it ever will be, short of being replaced by a separate all-new version, which I find very doubtful at this point.

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I have the same problem. Last year (2022) I somehow managed to get the subscription renewed, but this year (August 2023) no luck. Any suggestions are welcome.

Same here, currently dead in the water with regard to renewing. I emailed support but haven’t heard back :frowning:

Same problem and not a Word how to solve it.

Same problem and no feedback from the support team

me to! nobody answer to my support emails!!