Topo map is back

Seems almost unbelievable after all this time but topographic map is now working. Anyone else got it back?

Interestingly, I just checked too. Vector maps, baby. Good stuff.

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Still can’t subscribe though so still not sure what the future holds for this app. I hope this option will resume.

so, a complicating point on subscriptions is the app store does say it doesn’t support in-app purchases, so in this form, it can’t add subscriptions, only apply an existing one (i updated phones, so maybe it did, or maybe the subscription token transferred without re-download). That credential to support in-app purchases must have been revoked for one reason or another, without modifying the app itself (current version is over 2 years old, and it did support subscriptions then). It could come back, but that’d imply a tangible entity to receive the payments, which, like so many other questions, comes back to the question of does the company still exist enough to claim it, let alone maintain it?