Connecting external Bluetooth Accessories



Which heart rate monitors can I use with Trails?

Trails supports a wide variety of standard Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors.
We have good experience with devices from Polar, for example:

Polar H6 Heart Rate Sensor
Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor

Which bike computers can I connect to Trails?

Trails supports the standard Bluetooth Low Energy interface for bike computers to measure the cadence (pedal rate) and speed at which you’re cycling. For cycling speed, you will have to enter your bicycle’s wheel circumference in Trails.

We have good experience with the following devices:

Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Cadence & Speed Sensor

Other Devices

Apart from Apple Watch, Trails does not support sensors, watches, and other gadgets that use proprietary communication protocols. If devices stick to the standard Bluetooth protocols for heart rates, cadence, and cycling speed, Trails will most-likely support them.