Calorie tracking

Trails supports calorie tracking under these preconditions:

  • Calories are only supported in concert with an Apple Watch, and the Trails watch app needs to be installed
  • If you regularily use your watch to start recorings, make sure to start at least one recording from your phone (after installing the Trails watch app) as we will prompt for further permissions when using Trails for Apple Watch
  • Double-check that you’ve granted at least read permission for active energy in the Health app (Health > Sources > Trails).
  • If you start recording on your phone, ensure that you “wake up” the watch app once. If you have just started, raising your wrist should be sufficient as Trails should already be your active app on the watch – after a few seconds, you should see live statistics on your watch, and the watch will start sending calorie information to the phone at the same time.

Trails does not calculate/estimate your calories directly. Instead, it starts a workout session on your watch, which will calculate calories based on your current activity (which Trails passes on to the watch) and write them into Health. Trails will read the calories from Health and record the cumulated calorie count in its own database. If you allow Trails to write workouts, Trails will add the cumulated calorie count to the workout, but it does not write extra calorie entries.