Apple Watch hike not transferring to IPhone Trails

A hike recorded on Apple Watch syncs to activities app but not the Trails app. IOS 11.4, any thoughts?

Hi. This is very unfortunate. Sometimes these take time to sync as th system does so at opportune times. Did you try do restart both devices? Did you return to your home WiFi? What is the state displayed on the trails watch app?

Yes to all. I’ve had more recent hikes recorded on the watch that have since synced but I lost the one I was referencing. Again it did sync to apple’s activity app.

I’ve had the same issue today. Once the hike was completed, I saw the summary, I see it in the workouts/health apps, but it doesn’t show up in Trails.

How should we go about recovering the data? (other hikes from both yesterday and earlier today did transfer through, so it shouldn’t be a configuration issue)