iOS 12 public beta

I, using iOS12 public beta, cannot get a trail to record. It starts, shows location on the map, but does not record any stats. At the end of the trail, can select end, but as there is no details to record, it assumes that I have not gone anywhere.
Obviously its a beta iOS, but just an case anyone else is thinking of upgrading…

OK - A quick update. After trying several settings with the iPhone, it appears that tracking does not work in the app if WiFi is either switched off or you are in an area where there is no WiFi. As soon as the iPhone gets a signal, then tracking starts again. Not very useful when you are out on the moors, but then at least I have isolated the issue.

This sounds most likely like an issue in the iOS system rather than in the app as the location service and its accuracy are not controllable by the app. We will have an eye on it, but would expect the final version of iOS12 to be more stable.

I’m also on the iOS 12 public beta and have no problems using trails.

Thanks. Since moving to the latest beta build, I’ve had no problems

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