Calculation of ascent and descent incorrect

Hello Trails Team,

I record my Mountainbike trips with your app via Apple Watch Series 3. Compared to my Garmin gps the calculated ascent and descent seems to be wrong, the value is a lot higher. For example my last trip was about 900m ascent with Garmin gps and several maps but with trails app it was 1500m.
But the current altitude seems to be correct. The statistics look fine just the calculated ascent and descent seem to be wrong.

Best Regards

Ascent was way off here:

Calculated as 463 m, should have been at least 700 m. Any idea why this happens? It seems to be a major bug…

I have seen a related issue with my hikes, where the total ascent/descent is significantly higher than would be expected. I reviewed my elevation profile after the hike and noticed that the elevation profile recorded had a number of jumps in it–my elevation would drop a couple hundred feet for a point or two, then jump back to my actual elevation. My assumption is that the app is correctly accumulating elevation into ascent/descent, but that the GPS is not correctly estimating elevation.
I don’t know if my issue is related to yours, but it is frustrating!