Trails Pro Purchase & Renewal

How do I Purchase Trails Pro?

Trails Pro is an In-App purchase. You pay with the payment information that is associated with your Apple ID (= your account with Apple).

At no point do we have your payment details, email address, or other customer details. If transactions fail, we cannot help directly – please get in touch with Apple or double-check your Apple ID account settings. We cannot grant refunds either, but Apple has an easy process to request refunds.

If you do not have a credit card or other payment options that Apple supports in your country, consider buying an App Store gift card voucher.

While Trails Pro is a subscription in the sense that it is time-limited and needs to be renewed if you need Pro features after the time has lapsed, it is a non-renewing subscription, i.e., you will never be charged without explicit interaction and confirmation within the app.

What happens when Trails Pro expires?

All of your recorded tracks will remain available for viewing and export, even if you have more than five tracks. We never delete anything automatically.

If you want to record a new track, you must make sure you have fewer than five tracks stored in the app (you can delete older ones), or renew Trails Pro.

Trails Pro never renews automatically. To extend or renew your Trails Pro status, simply buy a new package, as you did initially. If your current Trails Pro status has not yet expired, the newly purchased package will be added to your remaining Pro status.

You will receive a notification from Trails on your iPhone (given you granted the notifications permission) before your Trails Pro subscription is about to expire.

Is there any way I can buy trail pro without using Apple store? For some reason I can’t make the payment via the Apple store. I checked my cards and my PayPal and everything is alright.