Trails app crashes after track completion

Trails app crashes after track completion.

This problem appeared after updating to iOS 13. You can recover the track if you select Save when you restart the app, but if you select continue it will be gone.

This problem remains with iOS 10.1.2.

This problem remains with iOS 13.1.2.

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I’m glad to see others have the same problem.

Mine still works, but as others have said, the screen goes black and it freezes. I need to close the app and restart it to stop the session. If I select “continue”, it starts recording and then I immediately select “stop”.

It’s time for me to renew, but I doubt I will if they don’t fix this problem.

I have my app settings to “stop recording when returning to start location” but I do get the frozen app/black screen. I can’t just restart the app without it going straight to the black / non responsive screen. If I restart my phone however, the app opens normally and the track just finished is there and saved. Using iOS 13.4.1 Any fix in the near future, it’s hard to justify a renewed subscription with a broken app.