Does the app have an auto pause feature?

Something I read or experienced caused me to believe the Apple Watch recording features would automatically pause or adjust when no significant movement was detected. However, I just completed a multi-day hiking trip, and noticed the mileage recorded was about 25% more than well-established maps shows.

Once we arrived at our campsite for the day, I stopped recording and saved the track.

Once I got home, I imported the tracks into Google Earth and found the distance difference primarily resulted because lunch stops, breaks, etc., were still recorded as movement, albeit jumping around the location of the stop.

Is this a bug? Should the app pause automatically? If not, how do I pause and restart the watch’s recording?

Right now Trails does not have an auto-pause feature. We suggest hitting stop for longer breaks (which also conserves battery as the phone does not have to idle check for movement). We recommend to then start a new segment and keep multiple days in multiple tracks which generally improves statistics and reliability.

From the watch however you can only stop and start new tracks and not segments.

yes that is so boring not being able to pause the track. Why don’t you improve that kind of function. It’s really not convenient to stop the track and start a new one just because of a 5min pause during a hike.