Alternatives to Trails

Since we are left here alone on a site with outdated ssl certificate, it is time for us to find new app.
We all know why we loved Trails, so we should focus on finding the closest alternatives.

It is hard to enjoy your trip and test different apps at the same time.
Please share your experience if you find something decent.

I will leave here a list of possible candidates.

  1. AllTrails
  2. Komoot
  3. bergfex (
  4. Open GPX Tracker (
  5. myTracks (
  6. Wikiloc (
  7. Gaia (
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I just tested the Bergfex App with a few trails:
'+ very good maps
'+ calculation of altitude diff is quite exact
'+ easy to use offline maps
'- missing sort options like nearest tracks
'- - heavy battery use

btw: does anyone know of an option to ‚Äėmass export‚Äô gpx-tracks from trails?

Since trails is no longer developed and the operators of trails are obviously bankrupt, I use the outdoor app from Bergfex. I have also tested others, but due to the similar functionality I have always ended up at Bergfex.

One of the decisive factors for me is the possibility to record tracks even without an iPhone (i.e. only via the Apple Watch). And this stand-alone version is, as far as I know, only offered by the Bergfex app.

As far as I know, tracks can also be imported from trails.

I’ve been testing Komoot and Gaia since early July using both on and off as we hike (we generally take a hike five out of seven days a week with longer hikes on the weekend.)

I’ve decided Komoot is not what I want. It stopped a trails recording twice while on a hike. There was no warning, but when I checked it mid-hike it had stopped. If I cannot have a reliable tracker running I cannot use it. Secondly, I like to list who is hiking with me. The app only wants to include users from my address book and only those with an email address. I gave my dog an email address but she’s not yet recieved any email. Still, this has the appearance of email harvesting to me which I find offensive in any app.

My tests of Gaia have gone well so far. I like the overall interface but I really miss the feature of having the tracking stop when the hike returns to the starting location. Also, I don’t see how this will track my skiing as it does not list that specifically in the types of activity. When out of cell or wifi range, without purchasing a subscription, no map is shown. I can live with that and think the annual cost is likely more than I will spent ($20 after first year at $13). While grouped activity by type, Gaia has the concepts of folders where you save activities. I have not yet found a way to aggregate activities in a folder which I would like. More testing is needed. I do particularly like the summary email it sends but I’ve yet to figure out what triggers this or the frequency. I will post more as I do further testing.

Based on comments above I will start testing bergfex in September.